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35 route du Belvédère
07130 Saint Romain de Lerps

Damien Louisa (Reception) +33 (0)6 45 69 53 04

Maxime Durand (Owner) +33 (0)6 12 85 65 38


There are several roads to get to Saint Romain de Lerps.

The busiest but also the most reliable, with a breathtaking panorama, is the road used by local people to go to work in the valley: the D 287, indicated on the map above. We recommend this route because it is the fastest. However, be careful: on sunny days you will meet cyclists trying the climb and some motorists a little too used to laces. You can also choose other routes, such as the beautiful road that starts from the church square of Cornas, along the vineyards and makes you cross a lovely chapel. Or the road that leaves from Chateaubourg and crosses the vineyards before climbing. But beware, these last two routes are narrow!

Once you enter the village of Saint Romain de Lerps, reach the church. You will see on your right a private road. Enter, the property is located at the end of it. Once in the area, take immediately left for the Gîte du Vercors, it is the path that leads to the bottom of the stairs of the terrace. If you have booked the Gîte du Vivarais, go straight.

Welcome, we are waiting for you.